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Lasse Bo Nielsen


Lasse has technical expertise within organic chemistry and characterization of organic compounds, catalytic reactions, and atmospheric chemistry & particle formation.

As a PhD at the Department of Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark, Lasse obtained vast experience with organic chemistry and performing laboratory experiments. He studied the catalytic deoxydehydration reaction of oxygen rich compounds preferably obtained from a biomass resource. He prepared substrates and catalysts for the process, then performed experiments to investigate the deoxydehydration and to optimize on process parameters.

As a MSc at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, Lasse obtained experience with atmospheric chemistry and particle formation. He studied the autoxidation reactions that are important in the aging of particles in the atmosphere. These were mostly computational studies to obtain energy profiles for the proposed reaction pathways.

Lasse works with commercialization of IPR within the Life Sciences.