Established Technology-driven Companies

Established technology-driven companies often need to invest or de-invest in new technologies. At tto, we can assist in identifying the right technologies around the globe and in establishing partnerships. We can also find buyers or licensees for the technologies that you do not fully exploit. Learn more about our services below or contact one of our experts today.

We are specialized in technology scouting and technology evaluation, and we can support your company in finding the right people with the right technologies for your next investment.

We help identify academic and commercial candidates for strategic R&D partnerships. In addition, we can help you establish partnerships that enable you to overcome potential entry barriers to particular markets.


We can assess the commercial potential of your IP and help you exploit it, for example by identifying buyers or licensees that can put your technologies to use in industries and markets that are different from yours.

Technology licensing used as input the R&D department can reduce innovation time. Our consultants can assists in negotiating IPR-based licensing deals. We offer expertise within valuation, deal structuring, and negotiation.