Technology Based Start-ups

We have extensive experience in working with entrepreneurs and evaluating new technologies. We know how to attract investors and soft funding and how to outline the right start-up strategy. Below is an introduction to our services. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Based on analyses of your start-up, we can help you develop robust commercial strategies that take end-users, value chain, competition, and market regulations into account.

We are specialized in commercialization of new technology in markets where regulation plays a role, e.g. Life Science and Cleantech.

We have seen hundreds of presentations of innovative technology and we know what investors look for. 

We can help you achieve external funding by creating an interesting pitch and a convincing story that present the uniqueness of the invention/IPR/project.

Additionally, we help start-ups and university spinouts prepare for due diligence assessments of their projects.

We have consultants that are skilled in negotiating IPR-based licensing deals. We offer our expertise within valuation, deal structuring, and negotiation. Further, we can help you establish valuable partnerships or find buyers.